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As a part of PT Asaba, the Stationery Division has been one main pillar of the company since it is found in 1974. We handle major global premium quality Stationery brands/ products such as Zebra, Max, Lion, etc.

Office Equipment

Starting in 1976, we dedicated professional teams to serve your needs for high-technology digital requirements: office security system, computer supplies and digital printing large format printers.

Digital Copier

Starting in PT Asaba since 1974. The first name is U-BIX Photocopies (currently Konica Minolta). The brands of PT Asaba’s have is Develop from Konica Minolta Principals.


As part of PT. ASABA, surveying division established on 1974. We are sole agent of surveying equipment from well-known Brands such as SOKKIA, HEMISPHERE, MAPTEK, 12D.

Digital Graphic Art

As a part of Asaba, Digital Graphic Arts Division established in 2006. We represent good quality product from the well-known brands such as: MUTOH, GRAPHTEC, SILHOUETTE, etc.

IT Products

As a part of Asaba, IT products established in 2009. We distribute printing office machine with the brand “BROTHER”.

Surveillance & Security

As a new product in PT Asaba, we handle CP Plus brand. One of the global leader in advanced security & surveillance solution. With commitment to make surveillance simple and affordable, CPPlus has embarked on a mission to make the world a safe and secure place.


In 2019, PT Asaba has launch new product with brand AScreen. AScreen, interactive flat panel with incredible picture and dramatic detail. Available in multiple sizes.

System Integrator

Starting in 2020, we provide IT solution products for schools, campuses, corporate, and government. We committed to provide good quality products with competitive price.

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PT ASABA - a member of ASABA GROUP - has grown from supplying Stationery to include Office Automation, Copier and Document Solution, Data Management & Office Security, Computer Supplies, Digital Printing, Survey Systems, etc.

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